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Golden retriever sitting serenely on a beach at sunset, embodying the peace of mind Daytona Home Watch offers to pet owners.

Where Every Pet is Treated Like Family

Nurturing Your Home and Pets with Heart and Expertise

Where Every Pet Feels Cherished and Every Home Feels Loved

Daytona Beach to New Smyrna Beach

Welcome to Daytona Home Watch’s House & Pet Sitting – where every whisker is pampered and every tail wags with happiness, a world where love lingers in every corner, and each pet receives a dose of affection as endless as their enthusiasm. At Daytona Home Watch, we believe in creating an atmosphere where your pets and home are not just cared for – they are cherished. Our house and pet sitting services extend beyond mere responsibilities; we cultivate an environment of warmth and joy. From playful pats to serene strolls, each moment is tailored to ensure your pets feel adored in your absence. Likewise, your home is treated with a touch of tender care, preserving its warmth and safety. We understand that your home is more than a space; it’s a haven of memories and dreams, and your pets are more than animals; they’re irreplaceable companions. With us, you’re entrusting them to hands that care, watch, and love with a sweetness that reflects your own.

Let the journey of impeccable care for your pets begin. Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation and start plotting their perfect care-cation.

House & Pet Sitting Services

Where Warmth Meets Reliability

• House Sitting – Your Home’s Comfort, Safeguarded with Love and Diligence

Elegant open-plan living space with a cozy sitting area, kitchen, and view of the pool, reflecting Daytona Home Watch's home sitting excellence.

When it comes to the sanctuary of your home, every minute counts. Our house sitting service, available both hourly and overnight, is more than a duty; it’s a promise of warmth and safety. Imagine leaving your home in hands that treasure every memory within its walls. We meticulously check each door, window, and the myriad of details that keep your haven secure and serene. As dusk falls and the stars rise, our overnight watch ensures your home’s heartbeat continues undisturbed, providing a seamless sense of security and care. From the gentle watering of plants to adjusting the lights for that ‘lived-in’ look, every action we take is infused with an understanding of your home’s unique rhythm. It’s not just about being there; it’s about maintaining the soul of your home, ensuring it echoes with the warmth and love you’ve nurtured within its walls.

• Pet Sitting – Every Moment Filled with Care Paws, Purrs & Cuddles

Mastiff with a soulful expression, representing the quality care provided by Daytona Home Watch.

Our pet sitting service is a tapestry of care, tailored to make every moment special for your furry friends. Whether it’s hourly or overnight, we’re there to ensure their happiness. Our service includes more than the basics of feeding and fresh water; we attentively clean up after their meals and any little messes, maintaining a pristine environment for their comfort. Playtime is abundant, with affectionate brushing or light grooming, ensuring they not only look their best but feel loved and pampered. Dog park visits become exciting excursions, filled with play and exploration. And for those pets that love their walks, we offer delightful strolls, filled with new sights and scents. Every interaction is an opportunity to shower them with love, from gentle petting to engaging games. We care for your pets as our own, infusing every visit with warmth, attentiveness, and a touch of joy.

• Dog Walking – Every Step a New Adventure for Your Pooch

Mastiff named Merlin on a leash watching over dogs swimming in a pool, reflecting Daytona Home Watch’s quality pet care.

Our dog walking service is a journey of discovery for your canine companions. Whether you prefer private on-leash walks or playful semi-private outings, we ensure each step is a delight. We believe in the joy of exploration, allowing for plenty of sniffs and new experiences, making every walk enriching for their senses. Group outings to local parks provide socialization and excitement, where they can romp and play to their heart’s content. Dog park visits and attending dog classes are more than just activities; they’re opportunities for your dog to learn, socialize, and thrive. Each walk is designed not just for exercise but for happiness and well-being, ensuring your furry friend returns home with a wag in their tail and a smile in their heart.

• Dog Training Assistance – Nurturing Good Behavior with Gentle Guidance

Puppy training attentiveness highlighted by Daytona Home Watch pet care services

At Daytona Home Watch, we believe in nurturing your dog’s potential with love and patience. Our Dog Training Assistance is a blend of affection and expertise, embracing the four essentials: positive reinforcement, consistency, patience, and socialization. Tailored to your dog’s personality and pace, we guide them through lessons that are as joyful as they are educational. With each hour spent, whether as part of our pet sitting service or dedicated training sessions, we focus on reinforcing good habits, gently steering them towards being well-behaved, sociable companions. Your furry friend’s journey to good manners is paved with encouraging words, delightful treats, and plenty of pats, ensuring they learn with a wag and a smile.

• Vet & Groomer Visits – A Caring Extension of Our Loving Services

Attentive veterinary care for Weimaraner puppies by Daytona Home Watch's expert pet sitters.

Your pet’s health and grooming are as important to us as their daily joy. When it’s time for their vet appointments or grooming sessions, we step in with all the care and comfort they deserve. Imagine their journey, not as a daunting errand, but as an extension of the love they feel at home. We provide reassuring companionship, ensuring they feel secure and at ease. From the gentle loading into the vehicle to the soothing conversations on the way, every moment is laced with our heartfelt care. At their appointments, we stand by their side, offering a familiar presence to navigate these essential aspects of their wellbeing. And upon returning, we settle them back into the comfort of home with their favorite treat or a relaxing cuddle. This is our promise – to be there, with a loving touch, for every aspect of their care.

Customized Routines

Personalized Care for Your Home and Pet Distinctive Rhythm

Bandit the Old English Mastiff plays on a lush green lawn, showcasing the happy and healthy pet sitting experience with Daytona Home Watch.

Every home and pet carries its own melody of routines and preferences, and at Daytona Home Watch, we harmonize our services to this unique tune. Our customized approach is woven with attentiveness and care, ensuring your pets follow their beloved routines, from playful frolics to tranquil rests, feeling your presence in each gentle pat and loving gesture. In your home, we echo your touch, upholding the comfort and security of your space. Adjusting lighting, collecting mail, and keeping every corner just as you like – these are the notes in our symphony of care. Our dedication is not just about ticking off tasks; it’s about infusing your home and pet’s life with continuity and love. Our mission is to ensure that when you return, the seamless transition feels as if you never left, greeted by the joy and serenity of a home and pets well-loved.

Bandit the Mastiff indulges in a playful moment, demonstrating the engaging pet sitting service of Daytona Home Watch.

Let’s create a cozy, caring retreat for your pets. Reach out now for a No-Cost In-Home Consultation to begin their tailored home vacation.

Compassionate Pet Sitting

Where Love Meets Expertise – A Journey of Compassion and Commitment

At Daytona Home Watch, we don’t just care for homes; we nurture relationships—with our clients and their beloved pets. Hartmut Pfeifer, the heart and soul behind our services, brings a lifetime of passion and dedication to every pet he encounters. From his formative years in the German military, where he worked closely with watch dogs, to his time in New Mexico and Texas raising and breeding Old English Mastiffs, Hartmut’s journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to animal welfare.

A cherished moment between an owner and Merlin, a majestic Old English Mastiff, during their time with Daytona Home Watch pet services.

His bond with each furry companion is palpable, whether it’s reminiscing about Kai, the Belgian Shepherd who graced his home during retirement from the military, or sharing stories of Bandit, the gentle giant who brought joy to countless lives. Bandit, affectionately known as the “King of Cuddle,” was Hartmut’s faithful companion through life’s ups and downs, bringing joy and comfort with his gentle presence. And then there’s Merlin, the rescue Mastiff who found solace in Hartmut’s care after a tumultuous past, blossoming into a happy and confident companion.

These experiences and many more have honed Hartmut’s skills in pet care, training, and companionship. His understanding of animal behavior, training, and, most importantly, love, lays the foundation for the exceptional service offered by Daytona Home Watch. Through every wag of a tail and every comforting cuddle, Hartmut’s connection with pets transcends the ordinary. It’s this deep-rooted empathy and understanding that form the foundation of our pet sitting services.

When you choose Daytona Home Watch, you’re not just inviting someone to care for your pets; you’re welcoming a trusted friend who will treat them with the same love and devotion as their own.

Our Service Area

Volusia County’s Trusted Home and Pet Sitting Services

Owner of Daytona Home Watch, Hartmut Pfeifer, providing reliable home and pet sitting services in Daytona.

At Daytona Home Watch, our mission is rooted in heartfelt care. From the serene shores of New Smyrna Beach to the vibrant community of Ormond Beach, and throughout the diverse neighborhoods of Deltona-Deland-Sanford in Central Volusia County, we extend our nurturing house and pet sitting services. Each area we serve is a testament to our unwavering commitment to provide exceptional care.

Dive deeper into the specific communities we cherish and nurture by visiting our comprehensive ‘Communities We Serve‘ page. Here, you’ll uncover the depth of our dedication and our readiness to cater to special requests.

Moreover, we warmly welcome opportunities to expand our care beyond these boundaries. Recognizing the unique needs of every family, we are open to considering special requests for areas outside our usual service region. Our dedication to ensuring your peace of mind transcends geographical limits, and we are eager to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your individual needs.

Experience Peace of Mind

Our Tender Care for Your Beloved Companions

Three relaxed pets, a tan dog, a large mastiff, and a black cat, lying together on a decorative rug, symbolizing the calm atmosphere at Daytona Home Watch.

Indulge in the reassurance of knowing your beloved companions are tenderly cared for by Daytona Home Watch. We infuse each visit with a delicate touch, prioritizing the comfort and happiness of your pets above all else. From gentle strokes to soothing words, we create an environment of trust and security, ensuring your furry friends feel cherished in our care. With our compassionate approach, we go beyond mere duty, embracing each pet as a cherished member of our extended family.

Experience the tranquility that comes from entrusting your pets to caregivers who understand their unique needs and treat them with the utmost tenderness. Let us nurture your peace of mind as we lavish your pets with the care and affection they deserve. Reach out to Daytona Home Watch today to schedule your personalized home and pet care services today.

Let us ensure your furry friends are pampered and your home is secure. Contact us now and experience the peace of mind you’ve been looking for!

Ready to wrap your pets in a blanket of love and care? Contact us now for a Free in-home Consultation, and let’s plan their perfect staycation.

Home Watch

Exclusive Daytona riverside retreat guarded by Daytona Home Watch's premium services.
Immaculate Daytona riverside property with comprehensive Home Watch, Boat Watch and Maintenance services by Daytona Home Watch.

Boat Watch

Luxury yacht monitored by Daytona Home Watch's vigilant marine services on the turquoise Florida waters.
Daytona Home Watch oversees your maritime luxury with uncompromised services and attention, delivering peace of mind amidst the waves.


Serene outdoor living space with pool, assured by Daytona Home Watch's meticulous property oversight.
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Sophisticated Concierge Service presented with elegance, highlighting Daytona Home Watch's attention to detail.
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