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Serene Daytona Beach Marina with Docked Boats and Palm Trees
Anchor your peace of mind with Boat Watch services from Daytona Home Watch, where every vessel is treated with utmost integrity and professionalism.

Showcasing our Finest Marinas

Daytona Beach to New Smyrna Beach

The Marinas We Serve

Welcome to ‘Marinas We Serve’ at Daytona Home Watch. In the heart of Daytona Beach and its surrounding areas, we are privileged to work with a variety of outstanding marinas. Each location, from the iconic Halifax Harbor Marina to the serene settings of Coquina Marina, is unique and offers a range of amenities catering to the boating community. As you journey through our page, discover the diverse marina options where we offer our diligent Boat Watch services, reflecting the richness of the local boating culture and lifestyle. Our connection with these marinas not only allows us to provide top-notch services but also to be part of a thriving community of boating enthusiasts.

Halifax Harbor Marina

Daytona's Halifax Harbor Marina - Yacht Care and Monitoring by Daytona Home Watch

Experience the best of Daytona Beach at Halifax Harbor Marina, a premier destination for boating enthusiasts. Renowned for its exceptional year-round docking facilities, the marina offers both permanent and seasonal accommodations. Situated right off the Intracoastal Waterway, it provides seamless access to the open ocean, catering to boaters’ diverse needs.

Alongside its nautical excellence, Halifax Harbor Marina boasts a picturesque location, moments away from Daytona’s celebrated attractions like the International Speedway and the iconic Daytona Beach. This proximity to vibrant local life makes it an ideal choice for boaters seeking both adventure and leisure.

With its array of amenities and strategic location, Halifax Harbor Marina is more than a docking spot; it’s a community hub. At Daytona Home Watch, we’re proud to extend our specialized Boat Watch services to this marina, ensuring your vessel is cared for with dedication and expertise.

Coquina Marina – Elegance Meets Serenity on Daytona’s Halifax River

Coquina Marina in Daytona Beach: Expertly monitored Boat Watch services by Daytona Home Watch for peace of mind at sea and shore.

Step into Coquina Marina and embrace the epitome of nautical elegance in Daytona Beach. Perched gracefully at Mile Marker 32 on the Halifax River, this luxurious marina is a sanctuary for vessels up to 112 feet. It’s a place where the tranquility of the river meets the sophistication of top-tier amenities. Coquina Marina isn’t just about providing a docking space; it’s about offering an upscale lifestyle. Here, relaxation is redefined with a stunning pool, jacuzzi, and a modern fitness center.

Each feature is thoughtfully designed for comfort and security, including private dock access, around-the-clock surveillance, and exclusive member services. The marina’s close proximity to Daytona’s vibrant life – from the bustling beaches to the iconic Speedway – makes it a coveted destination. As part of Daytona Home Watch’s service area, we take pride in offering our bespoke Boat Watch services to Coquina Marina, ensuring that your prized vessel is cared for with our signature attention to detail and professionalism.

• Inlet Harbor Marina – Nautical Bliss at Ponce Inlet

Explore Inlet Harbor Marina, featuring state-of-the-art docking under Daytona Home Watch's vigilant care.

Embrace the coastal charm of Inlet Harbor Marina, a tranquil nautical retreat in Ponce Inlet. This full-service marina, offering 100 wet slips for vessels up to 120 feet, is ideally positioned close to Ponce Inlet. Its accommodations include concrete floating docks and vertical lifts, alongside ethanol-free gas, diesel, and essential shorepower amenities. Inlet Harbor Marina is more than just a mooring spot; it’s a community, boasting an on-site waterfront restaurant that enhances the maritime lifestyle. Located merely a mile north of Ponce Inlet and east of the ICW, it’s a hub for boaters seeking a blend of convenience and serenity. At Daytona Home Watch, we are proud to provide our specialized Boat Watch services to this picturesque marina, ensuring every boat owner enjoys a seamless and worry-free experience.

• Loggerhead Marina – A Boater’s Haven in Daytona Beach

Guarding your sea treasures, Daytona Home Watch offers unparalleled boat watch services at Loggerhead Marina. in Daytona Beach

The marina’s atmosphere is alive with the spirit of the sea. Indulge in the vibrant rhythms of live music and savor tropical delights at Caribbean Jack’s, the on-site dining oasis. The amenities extend beyond the docks: revel in the leisure of a poolside retreat, soak in the hot tub’s bliss, or engage with the maritime community in a setting that echoes the essence of coastal living.

Accessibility is paramount; Loggerhead Marina is a gateway to the open waters, promising effortless adventures. With Daytona Home Watch’s dedicated services, we ensure that whether you’re here for a transient stay or long-term docking, your vessel receives unparalleled care. Our commitment to excellence is mirrored in every aspect of our Boat Watch services, tailored to meet the unique needs of Loggerhead Marina patrons.

Loggerhead Marina is not just a place to dock; it’s where your boating lifestyle is elevated to new heights. Here, in the heart of Daytona Beach, you’re invited to experience boating as it should be: effortless, exclusive, and exemplary. Welcome aboard.

Windward Adventure Yacht Harbor – A Haven of Maritime Splendor

End your day assured with Daytona Home Watch Boat watch services vigilant protection over your yacht at Windward Harbor.

Nestled close to Daytona Beach’s vibrant life, Windward Adventure Yacht Harbor is more than just a marina; it’s a boater’s paradise. With its serene waterfront views, this harbor offers a tranquil retreat with 90 wet slips and 50 exclusive covered slips, catering to vessels up to 65 feet. Just a short journey from the ICW and the Ponce Inlet, it’s a perfect starting point for your aquatic adventures.

At Adventure Yacht Harbor, experience the charm of Boondocks, our onsite culinary gem, where every meal is complemented by stunning sunsets. This marina, part of the esteemed Windward Marina Group, is celebrated for its excellent facilities and warm, attentive service. Boasting rare, covered slips and a commitment to eco-friendly practices, it stands proudly as a Florida Clean Marina.

Whether seeking a peaceful anchorage or a long-term haven, Adventure Yacht Harbor welcomes you to immerse in its unique blend of nautical elegance and natural beauty.

NSB Marina – Maritime Elegance in New Smyrna Beach

Serene twilight at NSB Marina with luxury yachts reflected in the still waters, overseen by Daytona Home Watch's elite vessel monitoring services.

Step into the charm of NSB Marina, a jewel in New Smyrna Beach, where the art of Boat Watch meets the joy of maritime living. Nestled within walking distance of the historic Canal Street, this marina isn’t just a docking spot; it’s a gateway to a rich tapestry of cultural experiences. Here, history, art, and dining form the backdrop of your boating lifestyle.

With its 43 slips, NSB Marina offers not just a berth but a promise of security and care, especially for those seeking reliable boat watch services. Embrace the convenience of essential amenities such as Wi-Fi, laundry, and a welcoming environment for your furry companions. The marina’s proximity to lively markets, unique galleries, and quaint eateries adds to its allure, making it a preferred destination for boaters and watchful guardians alike.

NSB Marina represents more than just a safe harbor; it’s a community where boating safety and cultural vibrancy coexist. This marina doesn’t just watch over your vessel; it connects you to the heart of New Smyrna Beach, making every visit memorable.

New Smyrna Beach City Marina – A Seaside Haven

Morning serenity at New Smyrna Beach City Marina, embraced by Daytona Home Watch’s dedicated boat supervision services.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of New Smyrna Beach, NSB City Marina isn’t just a place to moor; it’s a nexus of nautical and cultural vibrancy. Steps from the Canal Street Historic District, the marina integrates seamlessly into the local tapestry, where history and artistry echo alongside each dock. With its 43 welcoming slips, NSB City Marina provides the perfect setting for Daytona Home Watch’s specialized Boat Watch services.

Here, convenience marries elegance with amenities like Wi-Fi and pet-friendly facilities, complementing your boating experience. Stroll to nearby galleries, savor the local dining scene, or relax, knowing your vessel is under the vigilant care of Daytona Home Watch professional Boat Watch services. NSB City Marina represents more than just a destination; it’s where maritime safety and community warmth meet, offering both physical and peace-of-mind anchorage.

Inlet Cove Marina – A Peaceful Oasis for Boating Enthusiasts

Elegant yacht moored at Inlet Cove Marina, showcasing Daytona Home Watch's exceptional vessel care and maritime service expertise.

Inlet Cove Marina is a hidden gem in Ponce Inlet, offering a serene and intimate boating experience. With just 10 boat slips, including 4 equipped with lifts, this marina is ideal for those seeking a quiet, personal space for their vessel. The marina’s setting, mere miles from the inlet, combines easy access with the tranquility of a protected no-wake basin.

This charming marina also boasts a concrete seawall, adding to its secluded and cozy atmosphere. The available clubhouse, complete with kitchen facilities, provides a comfortable spot for relaxation and socializing. Inlet Cove Marina is more than a docking place; it’s a tranquil retreat that caters to both leisurely days on the water and peaceful evenings ashore. It’s a perfect destination for those who cherish a more personal connection with the sea and their boating community.

New Smyrna Beach Yacht Club – Where Nautical Heritage Meets Modern Luxury

Exclusive boat watch services at New Smyrna Beach Yacht Club by Daytona Home Watch, safeguarding seaside investments with diligence.

Established in 1928 by 36 visionary families, the New Smyrna Beach Yacht Club (SYC) stands proudly on the Indian River Estuary, an arm of the Intracoastal Waterway. Just a short journey from the Atlantic via the Ponce de Leon Inlet, it’s a location steeped in nautical history. With its early days dating back to around 1884, the club has been a preferred spot for affluent sportsmen for hunting, fishing, and luxurious yachting experiences.

New Smyrna Beach Yacht Club isn’t just about its remarkable past. It’s a vibrant community, a member of both the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs and the Yachting Club of America. This grants its members access to over 700 yacht clubs across the U.S., ensuring a robust boating and social network. The club’s dedication to maintaining its Spanish Renaissance style makes it a treasured landmark and a symbol of a rich maritime legacy. Their commitment to preserving and sharing this legacy is evident in their planned renovations and improvements, keeping the spirit of the 1920s alive in the modern era.

Sea Love Boat Works & Marina – A Haven for Expert Boat Care and Service

Sunset hues painting the serene Sea Love Boat Works & Marina, overseen by Daytona Home Watch's vigilant Boat Watch care.

Nestled in the tranquil Ponce Inlet, Sea Love Boat Works & Marina emerges as a sanctuary for boats and their caretakers. Renowned for its exceptional lift capacity, the largest in Volusia County, this marina is a hub for both routine and complex boat maintenance. Whether it’s a meticulous bottom job, fiberglass repair, or detailed carpentry, their skilled team handles each task with precision and care.

Beyond maintenance, Sea Love Boat Works & Marina offers welcoming dockage options, available for both short stays and longer periods, all equipped with essential amenities like power and water. This combination of top-notch service and serene mooring facilities positions it as a prime destination for boaters who value expert care in a peaceful setting. Here, the commitment to excellence in boat servicing blends seamlessly with the marina’s calm atmosphere and our Boat Watch services, creating an ideal environment for both boat and owner.

Marina Point Marina – Daytona’s Waterfront Sanctuary

Vibrant Marina Point Marina, a tableau of serene waters and yachts, curated by Daytona Home Watch's premier services.

Marina Point Marina, nestled in Daytona Beach’s tranquil Halifax Harbor Basin, is not just a marina; it’s a symphony of water and sky. With its 16 elegant slips set on state-of-the-art floating piers, the marina presents a perfect harmony of modernity and natural beauty. Each slip offers easy access and secure tie-down, ensuring peace of mind for every boater.

As you step onto the docks, you’re greeted by the gentle lapping of waves and the soft whispers of the coastal breeze. The marina’s facilities are a testament to thoughtful design, with immaculate restrooms, showers, and convenient laundry services. The local charm of Daytona Beach is just a leisurely walk away, inviting you to explore the famed Chart House Restaurant, the rich tapestry of the historic downtown, and the rhythmic ambiance of the weekend Farmer’s Market.

But Marina Point Marina is more than a docking point; it’s a community. Here, the spirit of maritime camaraderie flourishes. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a leisurely cruiser, the marina offers a unique blend of relaxation and adventure. Protected within the basin, it stands as a sanctuary where time slows down, and the stresses of the world fade away, leaving only the joy of the sea and the warmth of companionship.

Lighthouse Marina – A Beacon of Boating Excellence in Ponce Inlet

Lighthouse Marina at Daytona, a serene haven for boaters, as vigilantly overseen by Daytona Home Watch.

At Lighthouse Boatyard & Marina, nestled in the heart of Ponce Inlet, maritime heritage and modern boating conveniences converge. Known as Daytona’s largest do-it-yourself boatyard, this marina is a haven for hands-on boat enthusiasts and professionals alike. With a sprawling 28-slip facility, it caters to a diverse range of boating needs, from simple moorings to comprehensive repairs and maintenance.

Beyond its practical offerings, the marina is a stone’s throw from Ponce Inlet’s historic lighthouse, adding a touch of nostalgia to its vibrant atmosphere. Whether it’s for a quick service or an extended stay, boaters are treated to an array of local amenities, including nearby shops and restaurants. This marina represents more than just a docking space; it’s a community hub where boating tradition and contemporary service blend seamlessly, offering an unparalleled experience for every visitor.

Gerry’s Marina – A Hub of Boating Activity in New Smyrna Beach

Peaceful view at Gerry's Marina with assorted vessels docked on a calm waterway, reflecting Daytona's boating culture.

Gerry’s Marina, positioned along the Intracoastal Waterway in New Smyrna Beach, stands as a premier destination for boating enthusiasts. Known for its accommodating 25-slip capacity, this marina provides boaters with various essential services. It offers a mix of long-term storage, dry stack options, and a well-equipped maintenance facility, ensuring that every boating need is met with professionalism.

Moreover, Gerry’s Marina is not just about functional services; it’s about the joy of boating. Whether you’re renting a boat for a leisurely day on the water or taking care of your own vessel, the marina ensures a seamless experience. With easy access to the Indian River Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, it’s perfectly situated for those seeking to explore the natural beauty of Florida’s waterways. Gerry’s Marina embodies the spirit of Central Florida’s boating culture, making it a must-visit for anyone passionate about life on the water.

River Deck Marina – A Nautical Jewel in New Smyrna Beach

Serene marina view at River Deck Marina showcasing docked boats with clear skies — Daytona Home Watch boat-watch services ensure your peace of mind.

River Deck Marina, positioned in the bustling heart of New Smyrna Beach, offers a unique blend of convenience and charm for the boating community. With 40 spacious slips, this marina is more than just a place to dock: it’s a gateway to maritime adventures. Boaters have direct access to Ponce Inlet and the Atlantic, making it an ideal spot for both leisurely sails and fishing expeditions.

The marina provides a full range of amenities, including boat and kayak rentals, a well-stocked ship store, and sought-after fishing charters. Positioned in a prime downtown location, it also places you within easy reach of vibrant local attractions and dining. And for those in need of reliable Boat Watch services, River Deck Marina and Daytona Home Watch offers peace of mind. Contact us to ensure your vessel is well-cared for, combining top-notch security with exceptional customer service.

River Deck Marina is not just a destination; it’s a starting point for memorable experiences on the water, where every visit is infused with the spirit of New Smyrna Beach’s nautical heritage.

Harbour Village Golf & Yacht Club – A Nautical Retreat in the Heart of Ponce Inlet

Sunset over Harbour Village Golf & Yacht Club marina with Daytona Home Watch boat-watch services ensuring vessel safety.

Harbour Village Marina in Ponce Inlet, nestled within a tranquil environment, offers more than just a docking space; it’s a comprehensive nautical experience. This serene marina, located at ICW Mile 839 – Marker 71, is equipped with 142 slips of various sizes, each featuring a floating dock system, locker box, waste pump station, and electrical connections. It’s a part of a grand gated community, providing luxurious condos with captivating river and ocean views, and a range of amenities like tennis courts, a golf course, and a private beach club. For boating enthusiasts who require vigilant care for their vessels, Daytona Home Watch’s Boat Watch services is a perfect complement. This unique service includes regular inspections and detailed reporting, ensuring that boats are maintained in pristine condition and ready for the ocean’s adventures. Whether it’s for deep-sea fishing, diving, or simply enjoying the maritime lifestyle, Harbour Village Marina, coupled with our reliable Boat Watch service, ensures peace of mind and an unmatched boating experience.

• Seven Seas Marina & Boatyard – A Nautical Cornerstone

Daytona Home Watch oversees a serene fleet at Seven Seas Marina & Boatyard, ensuring unparalleled care for every vessel.

Located in Port Orange, the esteemed Seven Seas Marina & Boatyard has been a part of the local boating community since 1980. Positioned at 3300 South Peninsula Drive, this marina is a gateway to both the picturesque Intracoastal River and Daytona Beach’s famous shores. It serves as a multifaceted hub, offering both a do-it-yourself boatyard and marina services, including a 66-slip dry storage stackhouse and numerous slips for transient or permanent dockage. Convenience meets quality here, with marine fuel, a well-stocked ship store, and essential facilities like showers, restrooms, laundry, and even a ride to the grocery store. At Pat’s Riverfront Cafe, boaters can indulge in delightful meals while enjoying stunning views. Whether it’s for repair, a short escape, or a family day on the water, Seven Seas Marina & Boatyard stands as a testament to quality service and a commitment to the boating lifestyle.

Your Trusted Partner in Maritime Care

In the heart of Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach, where the sea meets the sky, Daytona Home Watch stands as your dedicated guardian for maritime excellence. Our commitment extends beyond the docks of these magnificent marinas, offering specialized Boat Watch service that embody trust, professionalism, and a deep understanding of the mariner’s needs. Whether you’re docked at the vibrant Harbour Village Golf & Yacht Club or the serene New Smyrna Beach Yacht Club, our vigilant eyes safeguard your vessel, ensuring it’s ready for your next sea adventure. Let us be your peace of mind in these waters, where every wave tells a story and every boat is a cherished journey.

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